About Us

About Us

Two people, one vision – how BeeFound came to be


Don't Search, BeeFound

BeeFound was the brainchild of a Scottish GP Catherine Birchmore, who as a GP starting out thought there had to be a better way to find locum work than spending hours searching and trying to match her availability with that of local practices. With her husband James, an experienced web developer, they developed this innovative and easy to use system that matches locum availability with practice need.

Meanwhile, Pegasus Health (Charitable) Ltd, a primary care network in New Zealand had been approached numerous times by their member GPs and practices about the need for a locum finding service. Some searching for an appropriate solution led them to BeeFound and after initial discussions and the recognition of a shared vision, a partnership was born.

When using BeeFoundNZ, you get the benefit of using smart and easy to use technology backed by Pegasus Health, a trusted health partner who works with over 100 practices on a daily basis to support and enable the delivery of quality primary healthcare to the community.

Our vision is simple:

To make life simpler for both practices and locums.

To find out more about BeeFoundNZ or Pegasus Health or to share your thoughts on the service contact us at:

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BeeFound is licensed by Pegasus to the following PHOs:
BeeFoundNZ Delivered by Pegasus.

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